Ølstykke South, January 2011

When we got our Toller, Sally, and was hooked on the work with obidience and agility, we also developed a dream about puppies and breeding. For various reasons we could not let Sally get puppies, and we started to look for a new dog. Liselotte has always wanted a small dog, and we found that the Phalène, which is a variant of the Papillon, is a very charming and enjoyable dog, which also like to work with its nose, obedience and agility. In short terms, a real dog, in a handy size.

In the year 2006 we started a small breeding of Phalène under the name of Kennel Liko, and in 2009 we both participated in The Danish Kennelclubs education for breeders. Later that year we moved to Ølstykke, and got better conditions for ourselves and our dogs. Ølstykke is only 32 km. north/west of Copenhagen and surrounded by beautilful green areas.

We have now bred several litters, and we still think that it is fascinating to watch the puppies develope from helpless creatures to small bold dogs, ready to meet the world. A huge job but we enjoy every second of it.

Our objective is to make mentally and physically healthy dogs, which can compete in the showring, as well as in the obedience ring and on the agilitycourses, and of course be a part of the daily life with their new families.